According to a survey by the market research institute, general well-being is the decisive criterion when evaluating places of work for 80 % of all employees. It‘s here that light plays an important role because the requirements of people are always of primary importance when it comes to optimal lighting solutions. CREEDENCE lighting improves the concentration of employees, and avoids tiredness from poor lighting with diverse production and various light color. 

However, employers also benefit from professional lighting in office environments. If the satisfaction of employees increases, then well-being at the workplace also improves; this in turn increases work performance. Another advantage is operational savings, for example energy costs can be reduced significantly by refurbishing obsolete lighting installations. Light management systems and LED offer further potential for saving energy and an active contribution to environmental responsibilities.


In office areas the lighting quality is defined by the use of various parameters that must be measured in compliance with appropriate standards. In combination these guarantee ideal office illumination:

With regard to visual performance, the lighting level determines brightness and optical control achieves disturbance-free vision without direct or reflected glare.

For visual comfort, the harmonious distribution of brightness determines the balanced ratio of luminance levels. In addition, light color in combination with color rendering determines the room ambience and has an activating effect.

Light direction and shadowing contribute to visual ambience that make possible the recognition of surface structures.

If all quality attributes in terms of visual comfort, visual performance and visual ambience are fulfilled, then lighting can even promote well-being, the ability to perform and concentrate in offices