We are LED developers from the beginning!

As a specialist in modern, efficient LED lighting for industrial applications deal we have us over a decade with the research and development of an advanced LED light technology. Our innovative LED lights are not standard products but specialized industry solutions that combine ecology, economics and design in perfect combination.


Our many years of LED expertise and close cooperation with renowned German universities in research and development projects, we are always on the cutting edge of LED technology and one of the world leading companies in this lighting technology.

Environment / Sustainability

Cost savings and environmental impact: For these two factors, we stand with our products. On the one hand by the development of ever more powerful lighting solutions in an increasingly declining energy consumption and virtually unlimited lifetime. Secondly, through the use of recyclable, heavy metal free materials that guarantee a 100 percent disposal.

Creedence quality

The production of our LED industry lights takes place according to the highest quality standards. Our engineers carry out in the local production plants by regular standardized quality controls. In addition, we provide in our warehouse by a strict incoming goods inspection a continuous review of our products. Together with our consulting and after-sales service, we are a competent and reliable partner for our customers.

With regard to electrical, thermal, toxic and comply with electromagnetic safety Creedence products with all relevant standards - tested among other things by the international inspection and certification body.

Why Creedence LED products?

Creedence stands for market-driven innovations and future-proof technology with maximum economy. We have over 15 years experience in the field of LED technology. Management, development and technology department, Sales and Marketing consist of LED specialists, who know the market and these inspire with practical LED products.

As a full service provider with a LED comprehensive after-sales service, we are a reliable and innovative partner. After all, we satisfy our customers at heart. We offer LED diversity: from consulting, lighting design, development and quality control up to the perfect delivery logistics through a comprehensive stockpiling. Our focus is on high-quality, user-specific lighting solutions for industrial, warehouse, parking garages, office buildings as well as roads and streets.